The Twin Cities Trilogy


The Twin Cities Trilogy is composed of three short films shot in Minnesota.

Chapter 1 – Raising Lebowski
Chapter 2 – Han Solo and Captain Kirk Fist Fight in Space
Chapter 3 – The Rock and Roll Apocrypha

Inspired by the common nonsense often discussed amongst my friends and cohorts. The films borderline absurd topics and themes are definitely brought to life by actual conversations and communications which have taken place over many years. Absolute thanks to the cast, for many the first time on film, who gave their characters the needed care and charm. A ton of thanks to the crew who worked tirelessly for absolutely no compensation. I hope you enjoy watching these films as much as we enjoyed making them.

Han Solo v. Captain Kirk. Chapter 2

Han Solo and Captain Kirk Fistfight in Space, the 2nd chapter of the Twin Cities Trilogy is currently in post-production. Release date coming this Summer.


The Reviews are in, and the critics agree?

“Raising Lebowski is SPELLBINDING” — The Como Park Bugle

“It’s like lunch with Dave and Brian, only R-rated, like we like it.” – The Midway Monitor

“ ‘Seals and Crofts, you jerk off’ … hilarious.” – Jeri

“ I had no idea those guys directed The Hudsucker Proxy. Anyway, Wild Bill is a hidden gem.” – The ‘cop’ guarding the entrance to the Fairgrounds … the big guy, not that little mustachioed reactionary

“It had a pretty good use of the word ‘insouciance’, I guess.” – The dude who brings the Coke for the machine.

“I can’t wait for the second installment.” – Ken

Raising Lebowski Online Premiere


Raising Lebowski is a short film shot in a single day at the lake in Minnesota. Many thanks to the cast for their first time on film.

Inspired by minor email correspondence, the script was developed into a short film. Based on our love for Coen Brother’s film, it explores the ridiculous conversations about movies that sprout from “opinions of fact”.

Part Two of the Trilogy

Twin Cities Trilogy: Part II. Table Read with the veterans.


Second table read of the original script: Han Solo and Captain Kirk Fistfight in Space.

Raising Lebowski

Raising Lebowski (run time 13 min)


Four friends have a philosophical debate over the 5 best Coen Brother Films of all time. Regardless of genre. Ice fishing can wait.

Raising Lebowski is Ready

Raising Lebowski is finished and ready for consumption. Stay tuned for details on when and where you can see it.

Many thanks to the cast (pictured) and crew for all your hard work and dedication.

On set with Raising Lebowski


“Stu” on the set of Raising Lebowski. Photography complete. Post production will start directly.