Gravity Gun
by Doctor Gonzo/RJ Duke
Satirical Days - EP

Released: October 31, 2001

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1. Gravity Gun
2. Malevolent Similitude
3. The New Face of Zen (Stu's mantra)
4. Darkest Night
5. Ten Second Memory
6. Trinity

Chromium casket, white egg basket,
too much pressure from the sun,
the dogs all barking and the garbage man comes

Diamond-nickel alloy & banjos only,
Sue's got the gravity gun
determined and bound, mountains falling down,
a silver trombone slide
never say never, mucus-tainted river,
drowned the gnomes on time

Only her thoughts and the quiet night
Hey Sue, get out the gravity gun while we hide
we listened like stones but the landslide didn't come Sue, get out the gravity gun

Free from their graves at the truck stop cafe
run for the plastic gasoline dreams,
tripped on a circle, fell to the ceiling
big tree, fat free, the gypsies lost the jewelry

Peerin' through the binary kalidescope
bettin' to break the dimensional divide
when a plastic, mistake protein
dissolved the ether glue...

we saw leaves built by blight and model-colored light
our heads were blotted like ink,
the drones couldn't even think
as the DNA began to unwrite

Sue, get the gun and hide