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The Reviews are in, and the critics agree?

“Raising Lebowski is SPELLBINDING” — The Como Park Bugle

“It’s like lunch with Dave and Brian, only R-rated, like we like it.” – The Midway Monitor

“ ‘Seals and Crofts, you jerk off’ … hilarious.” – Jeri

“ I had no idea those guys directed The Hudsucker Proxy. Anyway, Wild Bill is a hidden gem.” – The ‘cop’ guarding the entrance to the Fairgrounds … the big guy, not that little mustachioed reactionary

“It had a pretty good use of the word ‘insouciance’, I guess.” – The dude who brings the Coke for the machine.

“I can’t wait for the second installment.” – Ken

Raising Lebowski Online Premiere


Raising Lebowski is a short film shot in a single day at the lake in Minnesota. Many thanks to the cast for their first time on film.

Inspired by minor email correspondence, the script was developed into a short film. Based on our love for Coen Brother’s film, it explores the ridiculous conversations about movies that sprout from “opinions of fact”.